Apocalyptic Fic

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Fanfic that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world
This is a multifandom fic community. We welcome fic from all fandoms, at any rating or style (slash, het or gen). Therefore some material may be inappropriate for those under 18. All stories should have the same basic setting (see below) but feel free to interpret the world however you wish.

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Here is our world:

It took decades to unearth and gather together the necessary materials -- A forbidden spell. A short sword crafted centuries ago, the hilt encrusted with blood-red rubies, the edge of the silver blade as sharp as the day it was forged. A drop of precious blood spilt on a 3000 year old stone tablet covered with ancient runes. -- but only a matter of moments to bring forth Armageddon.

The gate between this world and the next swung open with nary a sound, and released all manner of nightmare upon the world. Portals opened across the continents, in the places where the beliefs had been, and still were, the strongest, where the most blood had been spilled in their names. Peru, Romania, the bayous of Louisiana, the Caribbean islands, the deepest wilds of Africa, and from there the nightmares spread.

While some surrender to the seemingly inevitable, screaming in agony as their lifeblood nourishes the darkness, others fight the nightmares, refusing to submit. And still others search for a way to close the gate. Hidden in the mists of time, and protected by the Guardian, lies the Key that, when wielded by one who has been Chosen, will close the gates forever.

Or hold them open for eternity. For even the nightmares have their own Chosen.